Week 47 of My Project 52 Photography Challenge | Attached

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Slowly, but surely, I am catching up on the last few weeks of my Project 52 Photography Challenge. It turns out that no matter how hard I try- being a photographer in Baltimore means that fall always gets the best of me (and my waistline). Anyway, I bring you week 47: Attached

Week 47 of My Project 52 Photography Challenge | Attached

Photographer in Baltimore

When Simon was little- he never attached to a toy or stuffie, like most tots do. One characteristic marker- and early warning sign- of autism is an “inappropriate attachment to objects”. For instance, rather than a stuffed animal, Simon first attached himself to a sand sifter- followed by a rock- then a shovel- followed by a foam letter “I”. Eventually he formed an attachment to a balance board- an object that he carried everywhere and even slept with.

Anyway, one day about 2 years ago, we met a friend at a local farm for a playdate. At the farm’s store, they had these little stuffed animals and Simon asked for a bunny. And so, we brought home “Daffodil”. Finally, something soft, snuggly and… appropriate! This marked a special milestone for Simon- this attachment to a “typical” object meant that he was growing and progressing. Not long after, he even began to play with toys in an appropriate way. For a long time, every snuggle session, sick day and bedtime story included soft little Daffodil.

And while he no longer has the same attachment to Daffodil the way he did when he was 3, I always have a special attachment to her.

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  1. Brea
    December 10, 2015

    I love this story!

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