Tips for a Great Engagement Session

Engagement sessions are a great way to capture the two of you. They should be relaxed, fun & a reflection of you, in this time in your lives. Having an engagement session is a great way for us to work together before your wedding day & get to know each other a bit. They allow you to get comfortable in front of the camera and for me to see how you interact together, so we can make the most of your wedding-day portrait time.

I’ve put together this handy guide, to help you have the best session possible.

senator theatre engagement session


Typically, engagement sessions last 90 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the couple, and are usually held on  a weekday evening. Weekdays are great because there are usually less people about, giving us the opportunity to be a little more creative. It takes me roughly 2-3 weeks to edit & deliver your engagement session, so you’ll want to take that into consideration as you choose the season & timing of your session. 


I love working in a variety of locations, but my favorites are almost always the locations that mean something to you. Your neighborhood, favorite park, or even your home tend to spaces where you can feel truly relaxed, and leave space for creative freedom. 

Some locations lend themselves better to either sunrise or sunset, and we can discuss the best timing for your location. The best light is usually about 90 minutes to two hours before/after the sunset/rise. If you want “night shots” in your engagement session, we can discuss timing for your location. 

Permits are sometimes required at certain locations, so you’ll want to check the policies for any place you have in mind. If your location requires a permit, I am happy to help you obtain one. 


What to wear is a common question and, much like your location, I think your clothing should reflect a bit of who you are. Since you’ll likely be all gussied up on your wedding day, most couples opt for more casual clothing for their engagement sessions. Some couples like to bring an outfit to change into, however finding a place to change can sometimes be a challenge & taking time to change often means less time taking photos. 

I suggest bringing layers (jackets, cardigans, etc) that can be taken on and off, as an easy way to add variety. While you certainly don’t want to “match”, I do suggest coordinating your clothing & dressing on the same level. Try to avoid clothing with strong patterns/logos or clothing that wrinkles easily. 

People are their most photogenic when they feel confident. So choose clothing that makes you feel great, clothing that you can easily move around in, and clothing that doesn’t require you to constantly keep adjusting, to avoid bunching, showing straps, etc. 

South Baltimore Engagement Session

What should I bring?

As little as possible! Seriously, the less you have to carry & manage, the more candid and fluid your session can be. I’m happy to put your keys/phones/wallets in my camera bag, if you like and leave your purse, and the rest at home or in your car. 

Who should I bring?

Ideally? Just yourselves. Sessions are best when it’s just the two of you. If you’d like to include your pup or kitty, we can start or end your session with your furry friend. This could be at your home, or you can arrange to have someone take Fido home for you, so we can focus the rest of your session on the two of you. 

Have Fun

Most importantly, let’s have some fun!