the maiden voyage was “Barr” none…

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A few years ago, after us kids had left the nest, my father sold his boat and bought a Harley. I can’t say that either my sister or I were thrilled with the idea of my father returning to the riding world, but it had been over 20 years since he had owned a bike and we figured he deserved to enjoy his fun, albeit somewhat dangerous, hobby.


Then, a few weeks ago, my father mentioned that he was planning to buy another boat. My request?… one with a sunbathing deck. So, last saturday my father brought home a new-to-him fishing boat with an awesome deck for sunbathing in the front. Fathers are awesome!


It took about a week for him to get the tags, stickers etc., and we finally took our maiden voyage last night. He had some trouble with the motor to start, but he eventually managed to get it going long enough for us to take a cruise. The motor still needs some work, but will hopefully be up and running very soon.


It has been more than eight years since I have been on a boat, and let me tell you, it amazed me how little the marina and the bay had changed… The ducks and geese floating in the water, all of the markers, bird nests, buoys, and signs seemed to be right where we had left them almost a decade ago. All of the sounds, smells and sights seemed to be exactly the same.


And in good old fashion, my father started the motor, lit a cigarette  and told me to hold on. Combine the smell of gasoline, fish-water and cigarettes with rumbling sound of a boat motor and the wind in your hair, and you have my entire childhood before you. Shy of my Smurf life jacket, I truly felt like a child again. 



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