Ending Summer with a Flood?..

Posted on Sep 19, 2009 in Around Town, The Smuteks | No Comments

So here it is, the inevitable end of summer. Sigh. It has been a great summer, I have met lots of great couples and photographed some really neat events. And, as I am sure you can tell by my ‘ghost town’ of a blog, I have been a little too busy to be taking many […]

Where You Least Expect It…

Posted on Jan 9, 2009 in Art?, Nature | No Comments

Keeping this photo-blog has been beneficial to me in many ways. When I decided to use this blog to showcase images I take when not working with clients, I was unaware of how much of a commitment I had made. As many of you know, I don’t have much for spare time. Having to schedule time to take […]