Summer of Simon 2017 | AKA: The Best Summer Ever

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Summer of Simon 2017 | AKA: The Best Summer Ever

For the past few years, I’ve welcomed fall by sharing my favorite moments of our “Summer with Simon”. You can check out our previous years of summer fun here, here, & here. This summer in Baltimore was, hands down, the best summer ever! It was a summer filled with camping, hiking, roller-skating, and just all around adventure.

Our summer started, of course, by sending Simon off for his last day of school. And, anyone who knows Simon, knows that he did so with and navy bow tieJune was an incredibly busy month for me, and for the first time, Simon was able to come with me ahead of time, to scout out locations for upcoming weddings. Not only was he an awesome help, as I scoped out ideas, but he also learned to cheese smile for the camera!little boy smiling frederick douglas museum box jelly shirtAfter putting in some work time, we decided to hit the city!baltimore statue baltimore cruises baltimore city photos federal hill photosThe start of summer, however, also came some sadness- as we had to say goodbye to our cat, Oliver. We shared 13 wonderful (and sometimes trying) years with this guy, and our house just isn’t the same without him. In the past, we have always gotten someone to watch Simon, when we had to say goodbye to one of our furry family members. But, now that Simon is older, we gave him the choice and he decided to be there while our boy crossed over. Peaceful Passage came out to help us say goodbye to our guy.  It was incredibly emotional, and we are beyond words on witnessing Simon’s strength… He is truly growing into an incredible young man. Rest easy, Oliver. peaceful passage home euthanasia baltimoreEvery year, for the past 3 years, our family has taken a little trip to Rocky Gap State Park for some camping. Unfortunately, just two weeks prior to our trip, we found out that Jimmy wasn’t going to be able to make it this year. Even though we have always stayed in one of the park’s cabins, we were not sure I could handle the trip alone- with  just me and Simon, so we initially decided to cancel the trip. Simon, however, convinced me that we could handle it and off we went to Rocky Gap for 4 days. It turns out that not only could we handle it, but we had a blast! And so, the following week I bought a tent and some more supplies and set off on what would be the best summer ever- We ended up taking 6 camping trips, between 5 different Maryland State Parks!!!!!!

I think that my favorite trip of the year, was our trip to Swallow Falls. This was our first time tent camping and Simon’s first trip the falls. It was also our first (of many) rainy trips! Simon, of course, was thrilled that he was going to get to swim in a real waterfall and he hit the trails prepared for the task!swallow falls hiking swallow falls hiking swallow falls hiking swallow falls hiking swallow falls hiking swallow falls hiking swallow falls hikingboy meditating swallow falls reading a book camping“Mommy, I made a heart for you”rocks in the shape of a heart Deer at patapsco valley state parkkayaking rocky gap state park patapsco valley state park tire playgroundSimon was pretty excited about catching some American Toads. Because boys.american toadThis was our first time tent camping in the rain AND Simon’s first time playing checkers. He also beat me. camping gamesSimon also had his first “sleep over”- and we did it right. He and his best buddy, Christian, got to camp for a night at Patapsco State Park! Who doesn’t go on adventures in pajamas?patapsco valley state park camping patapsco valley state park camping patapsco valley state park camping patapsco valley state park camping patapsco valley state park campingCamping wasn’t the only thing we did, this summer! In addition to lots of roller skating, the boy and I hit the beach, the Science Center, the aquarium, boating and just simply spent some time enjoying all that Baltimore has to offer.national aquarium in baltimore national aquarium in baltimore boating patapso river maryland science center baltimore splash padSince Jimmy couldn’t make it to our family camping trip, we decided to take a little weekend getaway, to Knoebels Amusement Park. It was here that Simon woke up with his first loose tooth!Knoebels theme park Knoebels theme park Simon also began Karate and earned his advanced white belt!maryland karate school maryland karate schoolThis summer was a summer of so many firsts. First tent camping, first solo camping, first big water slide, first visit from the tooth fairy, first time taking friends along with us without their parents, first time off a diving board, first trip to the Maryland Renaissance Festival… so many awesome things! But, all good things must come to an end, and thus, school began. magic wand

Man, I cannot wait for next summer!

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  1. Emily
    October 5, 2017

    What a great summer! Love that you did the camping thing so often and so well! Looks like it was a neat way to spend some quality time together. I’m already ready for next summer too!


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