St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Baltimore

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Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know that it is April! I have been a bit back-logged in my blogging due a recent transfer of hard-drives. Moving 19,000 images and an entire image catalog is quite the task, and I had to focus what little editing time I had on my clients. This didn’t leave much time for editing the stuff I shot on the side.

So, St. Patty’s day falls in April this year… at least on my blog! This year, I spent St. Patty’s day on historic Charles Street in downtown Baltimore, on the very spot where I met my husband. :) It was super crowded, and since I wasn’t technically ‘working’, I didn’t spend the day snapping lots of photos. 

I did, however, grab these nifty shots of the runners that started before the parade. 




Here is a nifty shot of one of the marching bands…


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