Sara & Skylar | Elkridge Furnace Inn Wedding

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people laughing and pointing at ripped pants at a wedding reception in baltimore

Goodness, where to begin with Sara, Skylar & their Elkridge Furnace Inn Wedding? Let’s start with Sara & Skylar. When we first met, they told me their story of a chance meeting at a baseball game. And, while they didn’t get together at that first chance meeting… they eventually found their way back to each other. Their love story is sweet, romantic, and something I think most people dream about…. You know, like the universe was just pulling them together.

Our initial meeting was filled with gentle glances and lots of laughter. Sara has this infectious smile that turns into a little giggle- and it is on her face roughly 78% of the time. That other 22% is reserved for this side-eye glance she throws at Skylar that simultaneously says “OMG, you’re so ridiculous” and “OMG, I adore you so much”. (I know that face well, as I throw it at my husband at about the same rate.) But for Sara, that side-eye glance instantly morphs into a giggle and we are back to the smile. Rinse and repeat, the entire time they are together. It’s pretty awesome.

Then, there’s Skylar- who clearly delights in his ability to evoke Sara’s smile… just by being him. These two are just the perfect match and I just love that they found their way to each other.

Sara & Skylar | Elkridge Furnace Inn Wedding

Needless to say, after our meeting and their engagement session, I was pretty stoked for the wedding. Even on the ride to Sara’s family home, I joked with Maria that we wouldn’t have to worry about RBF with Sara… and I was not wrong. We arrived to find Sara and her family hanging out at her family home. It was then that I realized that this amazing energy was not just from Sara & Skylar- but that their whole family basically radiated warmth.

Once we arrived at the Elkridge Furnace Inn, time got a little tight and we had to move quickly for most of the day. But one part of the day certainly wasn’t rushed. If anything, their ceremony felt almost like time stood still, but in the best of ways. You see, it’s not uncommon for me to well up a bit behind my camera. It certainly doesn’t happen the majority of the time (I am working, ya know), but it does happen. After all, weddings are packed with emotion, excitement and love.

However, I think this was the first time that the tears peeked through before the ceremony actually started. Skylar’s mom was the first to get me going, and then one look at Skylar’s face and I was DONE. And it wasn’t just me- almost everyone was crying- and not just in the first few rows. I guess when you’re in the presence of such a strong bond, it’s easy to get swept away in it all. They got me again during the reception, and again while editing. If you were lucky enough to have been there- you’ll know what I mean.

Oh, and yes, that IS a bouncy house at their wedding. Because Sara & Skylar.

mom crying at Elkridge Furnace Inn Wedding ring bearer at Elkridge Furnace Inn Wedding couple bouncing in a bouncy house on their wedding day in baltimore These next 3 might be my favorite series of photos- ever… bouncy house at elkridge furnace inn wedding

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