Mini Road Trip: Long Neck, Delaware

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Jimmy and I decided to take this past weekend off so that we could visit his mother in Long Neck, DE. Can you say ‘mini road trip’? We packed up the dogs (and my camera) and headed out saturday morning. 

It was snowing in Maryland, but the snow cleared up by the time we hit Delaware. Here are two quick shots I grabbed as we headed over the Delaware Memorial Bridge…



Once we arrived at Jimmy’s mom’s house, we didn’t really do too much with our weekend. Jimmy’s mom always has our favorite munchie snacks on hand and we just stayed in, relaxed and watched some TV. It was glorious!

The next day, his mom and I did venture out of the house to visit some of the local coves and wild-life reserves in the area. Not surprisingly, we didn’t see too much wildlife (goodness it was cold), but I did snag these two shots along our walk…


Jimmy’s mom noticed the interesting form of these trees…



After a morning walking around in the cold, we headed in for some hot tea… and a nap :) Then, just before dinner time, we decided to head home.

On our drive, Jimmy and I noticed a flock of geese… err… a HUGE flock of geese, flying in beautiful form over a corn field. I can honestly say that there had to be about a thousand geese swooping up and down, totally in sync with one another. They were like a ginormous waving blanket in the sky. For a city girl, this was quite an amazing sight! Unfortunately, by the time Jimmy and I turned the Cherokee around, the geese had landed and my photo-op was gone. :( So, no awesome , crazy-geese-flock photo to share.

Maybe next time?

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