Road Trip + Boredom + Camera =

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Jimmy and I went on a recent ‘mini road trip’, and as I am sure many of you can relate… driving along 95 at night is well, boring. So while Jimmy was stuck with all of that important ‘driving, eyes on the road stuff’, I got bored and started playing around with the camera. It was a total flash-back to my first year studying photography.

Anyone who has ever taken any photo class, anywhere, has surely had the assignment of photographing the headlights and tail lights of cars while using a tripod at night. I decided to take it a mini-step further and replace the tripod with… a moving Jeep. Even though I was just passing the time, I must admit, I really started to get into playing around with different motions and exposures and even developed somewhat of a ‘technique’. While dragging the shutter, I zoomed the camera lens back and forth… all the while bouncing in our Jeep.

As silly as these photos are, admittedly, I find some of them quite interesting. Hopefully you will as well! Here is my trip down interstate 95 (and memory lane)….


“P” is for photography…




Do you see the angry car?..


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