Photography Challenge Project | One and a Half Miles

What a strange year this has been. Usually around this time of year, I’m a dozen or so weddings into the season, buried in wedding images, and bracing for fall. This year, however, well- this year is weird. It’s very odd to not be photographing weddings and I miss it dearly! I can’t wait to get back to work, and all of my amazing clients, ¬†once it is safe again.

So what have I been doing all this time? Well, oddly enough, I took up ‘walking’ this past fall. Every day I would leave from my front door and walk about a mile and a half to the end of our local park, turn around and come back. I just like being outside and this was a great way to do that, now that my running days are over.

It was interesting watching the same space change from fall to winter, and, sometime after the New Year, I decided it might be fun to document this change. So, I started taking some photos with my iPhone. Eventually I started bringing a little mirrorless camera along for my walks and I decided to make a little challenge for myself. Each day, I would walk the same loop and photograph things along the way. Some days I would work on different things- birds, shadows, reflections, textures, puddles, macro work, etc., and some days I would limit myself to one focal length. I would also try to walk at different times of day and in different weather. But each day, I would walk the same 1.5 miles up, and turn around and walk the same 1.5 miles back. I took about two months off of this route in April/May, as it was just so hard processing what I felt safe with, in terms of going outside, but I am happy to be back at now, even if it is super hot.

One would think this would get rather boring, but really, I found that the more I walked the loop, the more I saw. I found that sometimes I would see something and realize that I needed to come back on a different day, with different light, to capture it the way I really wanted. Having never really been interested in nature photography, I was really surprised to see how much I enjoy it. Turns out, I really enjoy photographing puddles and anything small, and I can get totally lost in it for several hours a day. It’s kind of weird to discover photography as a hobby, when you’ve been working in the industry professionally for well over a decade- but here we are. It’s certainly not the strangest thing to happen in 2020.

Anyway, here are a few of my favorites from the year so far…

All of these images were taken with a mix of an iPhone 8 plus, Nikon Z6 and a Fuji XT-3.

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