New Head-shots, a Trip Down Memory Lane & Exciting News!

First, I’m so excited to share these new head-shots I had done with the amazing Carly Fuller of Carly Fuller Photography. I’ve worked with Carly several times over the past few years, and when the time came for me to be in front of the camera, rather than behind, I knew that Carly was the only photographer for me! I definitely fall into the stereotype of the photographer that hates to have her picture taken… I instantly clam up, smile funny and become an awkward mess. Thankfully, Carly is awesome and she had me relaxed and confident in no time.

Being from Baltimore, I wanted to have my session in one of my favorite areas- Clipper Mill. I haven’t been there in years, since my husband and I moved out of the area almost a decade ago! Where does the time go? But it was so nice to be back, even for just a few hours, and I even drove by our old house, in Mount Washington, on my way home. We really need to make a point to go back up that way more often. Anyway, here are a few favorites from my session with Carly…

Jennifer Smutek Photography_0413Jennifer Smutek Photography_0415

This is a little something extra I asked Carly to photograph for me. And, I’ll give you a *quick* backstory… Before the days of Instagram, I used to be a Holga-girl. Don’t know what a Holga is? You can check it out here. So, why was I drawn to the Holga? As a professional, you always have to make sure everything is just right. The exposure, focus, positioning, lighting, everything. So, I always found it so freeing to load a roll of 120 into my plastic Holga, tape that sucker shut with some electrical tape and just have fun. Then, if I had been shooting black & white, after a week or two, I’d come home, load the roll in my Patterson tank, drop some D-76 in the funnel and start rolling the canister. It was always such a surprise to see what would develop on the film. The images were never technically perfect, but they were always exactly what they were supposed to be. If you want to check out some of my Toy Camera stuff, you can check out this Throwback Thursday post I did last year… oooh, and this one too!

So, over the years, my loving husband started buying me all sorts of fun toy cameras to play with. I have a Diana, a Lomographic Fisheye, and a handful of other cheap, plastic creations. They all saw tons of use, though, none as much as my not-so-trusty Holga. I was even involved in a group of other toy camera nerds, and we would shoot and share our prints with each other… all over the world. I even have a beautiful landscape hanging in my home by a lovely photographer from Ireland.  Then, one year for Christmas, my husband went through a ton of trouble to get me a Lubitel 166- straight from Russia. What does Lubitel mean? Well, it’s Russian for amateur, of course! Sadly, life got busy and this one particular toy gem has never seen a roll of film since its arrival in the US. So, I brought it with me on my session with Carly and asked her to take a few images to give this Lubitel a nodd. Who knows, maybe I will dig out my old canister, buy a roll of 120 and see what this guy can do! But for now, here is me and my amateur camera!

Jennifer Smutek Photography_0416

So, why did I need new head-shots you ask? Well, exciting things are happening around these parts, with Jennifer Smutek Photography. After having my new logo done by the amazing Nikita, I have been busy working on all sorts of new things… stay tuned for new business cards, new products, some new albums, a new website and a major announcement! But, for now, I’ll leave you with these fun images from my Holga. Think of it as the Waitagram we had before Instagram…

Jennifer Smutek Photography_0417

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  1. Brea
    September 29, 2014

    Carly did amazing with your headshots!! Love them! I can’t wait to see everything you have in store :)

  2. Natalie
    September 29, 2014

    Carly is the sweetest! Love those head shots!

  3. Lauren C
    September 29, 2014

    Awesome new headshots!! You look beautiful and, after working with Carly a couple weeks ago for the first time, I totally get why you would choose her to do them for you! She is so stinkin sweet and SO good at posing you to look amazing! Can’t wait to see the rest of your new re-brand!

  4. Kerri
    September 29, 2014

    Great pictures! You would have no idea you don’t like having your picture taken. That pink is a fantastic color on you :)


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