Michael & Elizabeth | Covid-Style Wedding at Home

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Weddings are definitely looking different this year, but I must say, I’m loving the shift. The Covid-19 pandemic has taken away  a lot of things; but (as cheesy as it sounds) one thing it can’t take away from us is love. While some couples are choosing to wait until it is safe to party again, many couples are thinking about what *really* matters to them: getting married- and some of those couples are choosing to adapt and have their covid-style wedding at home.

Michael & Elizabeth | Covid-Style Wedding at Home

Enter Elizabeth and Michael. These two are no strangers to adaptation. Living 500 miles apart from one another when they met, they of course had to adapt. They’ve moved & blended their family. They even enjoy making up their own lyrics to songs and signing them throughout the house while they work. So when the global pandemic hit and these two wanted to get married- they simply did what they do, and adapted. They had their covid-style wedding at home and it was perfect.

This was the first time I’ve photographed a wedding where the officiant was not physically present. I found it quite humorous that at the start of the ceremony Elizabeth and Michael had to show their IDs to a camera attached to their TV. Not only was the officiant not there in person,  the only people there were Elizabeth, Michael, their two children and me. The officiant and their ‘guests’ were all zoomed in for the ceremony; and, despite not being there in person, you could still feel all of the love and energy in the room. Not only were they married at home, but they danced in their family room & cut cake in their kitchen. I can’t think of a more perfect place to be married.

We had initially planned to head to their favorite local park after their ceremony, but of course it had to rain! These two adapted again and we were off to The Shrine of St. Anthony’s  for some family photos and couples’ portraits. One of my favorite moments was seeing Elizabeth emerge from the house with a shower cap on her head. Because when it rains on your wedding day, the best thing to do is adapt and roll with it.

Congratulations, Elizabeth and Michael! May your ability to aways adapt, roll with the punches and support each other through the weird things life throws at us, carry you through a lifetime of happiness together.

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