These Aren’t Your Grandparents’ Wedding Albums

Gone are the days of loose prints and slip in pages! These modern Keepsake albums are the perfect way to display your wedding images. The panoramic bind allows for full-page layouts, which are then printed on photographic paper and flush-mounted onto thick, archival pages. Your choice of a custom monogram is imprinted onto high quality, animal-friendly leather plus the option for a photographic cameo.

Keepsake albums come in an assortment of sizes, up to 12×12 and duplicate parent albums are also available!

I’ve recently been finding that more and more of my clients are getting albums, than they have in years past. And you know why? Because people are realizing that technology changes- FAST. Just imagine 50 years from now, your grandkids finding a USB drive with your wedding photos. Will they even know what it is? Will they have a way to access those images?

You know what will always be assessable? Prints. Albums. Things you can touch, feel, and take in without technological assistance.

And that’s why more couples today are adding an album wedding collection. Sure, digital files are great. I love sharing images online. But you know what I love more?.. cracking open one of the many albums we have around our house and looking through those images with my family.

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