Maggie & Chris | Swan Harbor Farm Wedding

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Maggie & Chris | Swan Harbor Farm Wedding

When I first met with Maggie & Chris over the winter, to discuss photography for their upcoming Swan Harbor Farm wedding, I knew I was going to love working with them. They seemed totally in tune and in sync with each other, and not in the typical “finish each other sentences” sort of way- it was more of a “calming glance” way. As if they can just look at each other and know what the other is thinking or feeling. They told me about their amazing travels and how they like to spend their free time hiking and camping around the world. In fact, I’ve been saving this blog post, to wait for them to return from their honeymoon- backpacking through France and Spain.

The thing that really sold me on just how awesome these two are, was the fact that Maggie revealed to me that she bought her wedding gown at a place called Hussey’s General Store. No, really. It’s an actual store- that sells bait and fishing licenses and of course, wedding gowns.  And so, it was in that moment that I knew these were my people and that their wedding was going to be nothing short of amazing. The week leading up to their wedding called for significant rain all throughout their wedding day and all I could do was track the radar and hope for the best. Luckily, their day was absolutely beautiful and we didn’t see a drop of rain until my ride home! We started our day at the Vandiver Inn, where Maggie & her girls were getting ready.
Vandiver Inn Wedding Vandiver Inn Wedding Hussey's general store wedding gown The giving tree wedding invitations The giving tree wedding invitationsSwan_harbor_farm_wedding-115 Swan_harbor_farm_wedding-120 Swan_harbor_farm_wedding-122 Swan_harbor_farm_wedding-124 bride getting ready Swan_harbor_farm_wedding-132Then, it was off to Swan Harbor Farm, to meet up with Chris and his at swan harbor farm groom getting ready at swan harbor farm groom getting ready at swan harbor farm groom getting ready at swan harbor farm groom getting ready at swan harbor farm groom getting ready at swan harbor farm Swan_harbor_farm_wedding-145 Swan_harbor_farm_wedding-147 Swan_harbor_farm_wedding-148 Bride getting ready at swan harbor farm Bride getting ready at swan harbor farm Bride getting ready at swan harbor farm Bride getting ready at swan harbor farm Bride getting ready at swan harbor farmBride getting ready at swan harbor farmBride getting ready at swan harbor farm Swan_harbor_farm_wedding-171 Swan_harbor_farm_wedding-175Initially, Maggie & Chris did not want to do a first look. However, after going over their time line for the day, they realized that without it, they would only have roughly 5 minutes for couples’ portraits. After weighing their options, they decided to go ahead with the first look, which meant that we had plenty of time for photos of the two of them together. As you’ll see later in the post, I think they made the right choice! Plus, I love how sweet these first look images are of the two of them. First look at swan harbor farm First look at swan harbor farm First look at swan harbor farm First look at swan harbor farm Swan_harbor_farm_wedding-191 Swan_harbor_farm_wedding-195 Swan_harbor_farm_wedding-196 Swan_harbor_farm_wedding-201 Talmar Gardens Flowers Swan_harbor_farm_wedding-207 wild flowers wedding hairTalmar Gardens Flowers Swan_harbor_farm_wedding-218 Swan_harbor_farm_wedding-223Swan_harbor_farm_wedding-225 Swan_harbor_farm_wedding-227 Talmar Gardens Flowers Swan_harbor_farm_wedding-232 Swan_harbor_farm_wedding-237navy blue bridesmaid dresses I don’t know the story behind the flamingos, but I’m certainly hoping someone will fill me in!Swan_harbor_farm_wedding-239 These little flower girls took their job *very* seriously, and were sure to pass out their flowers to the guests as they walked down the aisle. Too cute!Swan_harbor_farm_wedding-243 Swan_harbor_farm_wedding-247 Swan_harbor_farm_wedding-249 Swan_harbor_farm_wedding-250 Swan_harbor_farm_wedding-251 Swan_harbor_farm_wedding-253 Swan_harbor_farm_wedding-255 Swan_harbor_farm_wedding-256 Swan_harbor_farm_wedding-262 Swan_harbor_farm_wedding-265 Swan_harbor_farm_wedding-268 Swan_harbor_farm_wedding-270Swan_harbor_farm_wedding-272 Swan_harbor_farm_wedding-273 Swan_harbor_farm_wedding-274 Swan_harbor_farm_wedding-276Swan_harbor_farm_wedding-280 Swan_harbor_farm_wedding-284 Swan_harbor_farm_wedding-285 group photo at swan harbor farm Swan_harbor_farm_wedding-292 Swan Harbor Farm Wedding Willow tree at swan harbor farm Swan_harbor_farm_wedding-303 Willow tree at swan harbor farm Willow tree at swan harbor farmpier at swan harbor farm pier at swan harbor farm pier at swan harbor farmSwan_harbor_farm_wedding-298 Swan Harbor Farm Wedding Swan Harbor Farm Wedding Sunset at Swan harbor farm pier at swan harbor farm Swan_harbor_farm_wedding-313 Sunset at Swan harbor farm Sunset at Swan harbor farmSwan_harbor_farm_wedding-320 Maggie’s good friend made the naked cake, and Maggie made these amazing DIY stone and log centerpieces!Swan_harbor_farm_wedding-321 Swan_harbor_farm_wedding-327 Swan_harbor_farm_wedding-334 Swan_harbor_farm_wedding-335 Swan_harbor_farm_wedding-346 Steve Moody Wedding DJ Maggie & Chris shared their first dance to “At Last” by Etta James
Swan_harbor_farm_wedding-352 After dances was a fantastic round of speeches!Swan_harbor_farm_wedding-357 Swan_harbor_farm_wedding-365 Swan_harbor_farm_wedding-372Maggie and her dad danced to Three Night Dog’s Joy to the World and it was fantastic!Swan_harbor_farm_wedding-381 Swan_harbor_farm_wedding-384 While Chris and his mom chose to dance to Forever Young- so sweet!Swan_harbor_farm_wedding-387 Chris now makes the 3rd groom who I’ve photographed feeding himself the cake! I love Maggie’s reaction!Swan_harbor_farm_wedding-393 Once the dance floor opened, it didn’t stop and it wasn’t your typical wedding playlist, either. I distinctly remember getting in my groove to some Rusted Root and couldn’t have possibly had a better time!Steve Moody Wedding DJ Steve Moody Wedding DJ Steve Moody Wedding DJ Steve Moody Wedding DJ Steve Moody Wedding DJSwan_harbor_farm_wedding-376Maggie & Chris- thank you so much for choosing me to be your photographer! I had a blast working with you and can’t wait to hear all about your amazing honeymoon!


Venue: Swan Harbor Farm
Getting Ready Location: The Vandiver Inn
Caterer: Dean & Brown
Cake: Kakes for Kids by Sara Grogan
Make-up: Pearl Ada
Ceremony Music: Perry Hall High School Students
Centerpieces: Maggie Toolin
DJ: Steve Moody
Florist: Talmar Gardens
Photographer: Jennifer Smutek Photography
Photographer’s Assistant: Dan Evans

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  1. Natalie
    August 6, 2015

    What a gorgeous sky that evening! Beautiful images of a spectacular day!

  2. Dani
    August 6, 2015

    First off, kudos to them! I love where they did their ceremony!! It is perfection. And the light during their portraits – so pretty!!

  3. Lauren R Swann
    August 6, 2015

    Such a sweet first look! I love the way that you captured their day, Jennifer!

  4. stacy hart
    August 6, 2015

    I love the getting ready and first look pictures. So sweet!

  5. Renee
    August 6, 2015

    So sweet! Their first look… ahhh!

  6. Lauren C
    August 6, 2015

    Ok they seem like super awesome people Anyone that buys a wedding dress at a place called Hussey’s has to be awesome.
    And that light!! And those silhouettes!!! Especially that last one….so gorgeous!

  7. Tara
    August 6, 2015

    This looks like such a fun and awesome wedding!! The light in their portraits post-ceremony — stunning!! Beautiful job Jennifer!

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