New Resolutions and a Destination Wedding…

Posted on Dec 1, 2008 in The Smuteks, Weddings | 6 Comments

So, it dawned on me today that I have not been very diligent in updating my blog. I had such an awesome year in 2008; I wish that I had shared more of it with everyone. So, my New Year’s resolution?… regular blog updates in the happenings of Jennifer Smutek Photography as well as the Smutek household. I am also resolving to start recycling… (I know, I know, I am WAY overdue on this one).

So, since it is never too soon to start your New Year’s resolution, starting today, I will formulate a plan to start recycling and give you a chance to escape this cold weather by inviting you to cyber-visit Key West…

A few weeks ago some good friends of mine were married on the sunny, warm and lazy island of Key West, Florida. Jimmy and I had never been, so when Joe and Kerry asked me to shoot their destination wedding, I was elated.

We were there for four warm and delightful days. On the second night of our trip, we went to Mallory Square for Joe and Kerry’s rehearsal dinner and watched the street performers. Everyone put on a great show, but this guy was simply amazing. He and his recent bride wowed the crowd with his fire eating, sword swallowing and cheesy jokes…

This performer, Alex, put on a great show as well. Jimmy and I had a chance to chat with him after his show. We learned a lot about the art of street performing and all of the hard work and dedication that goes into the craft. These are some truly interesting people. It is a dying art, which is a shame, because we had a blast watching all of the performers that evening.

Earlier that morning we saw this guy….

Apparently, Key West has roosters running wild around all over the island. Being raised near Baltimore city, it was certainly an experience to wake up each morning to the crows of wild roosters.

Unlike the hectic mornings of most weddings I shoot, I spent this wedding day lying under a palm tree, catching some rays and enjoying the local music performers on the beach. Since all my gear was set and prepared for the wedding, I just had my trusty P&S with me for these….

I couldn’t help but take a quick picture of this…. doesn’t this cloud look like a shark?

After a lazy morning on the beach, it was time for the wedding. Kerry and her wedding planner did such a great job putting everything together. Everything was beautiful and the colors were amazing.

Kerry is such a thoughtful and amazing person; she arranged this special surprise for her hubby-to-be… Since Joe’s parents are deceased, she hired a plane to fly over during the ceremony with a message to Joe from his parents. What a fantastic way to remind everyone of the presence of Joe’s parents on this very special day…

Kerry and Joe said their “i do’s” right on the beach…

After the wedding, Joe and Kerry snuck back to their room for a few private moments together. I caught them on their balcony and grabbed this quick shot…

After they had a few moments alone, we went down to the beach to grab some quick shots before the reception…

Their good friend Steve built this awesome-tastic sand castle as a gift to the newlyweds….

Joe is a DJ, and as expected, the reception was a blast. Here is a shot from the end of the night. What a great time!

Thank you so much, Kerry and Joe, for inviting me to share your wedding day with you! The wedding was wonderful and there is no doubt that you will have a long and happy marriage.

After this memorable trip, Jimmy and I seriously considered selling it all and moving to Key West. We figured that I could shoot the local weddings and Jimmy could learn to juggle and eat fire… or something. However, we remembered that living in Key West is crazy expensive and we decided that Baltimore is truly home. So instead, I would like to take this moment to encourage all of my brides to plan a destination wedding…. preferably someplace warm and sunny ; )

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