Kelly & Craig | Herrington on the Bay Wedding

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herrington on the bay wedding

I was so excited when I first met with Craig, Kelly & Kelly’s mom, about their Herrington on the Bay wedding, last year. I hit it off right away with them and I knew that I was really going to enjoy working with them… and, not just them as a couple, but also with their whole family. Having first met in high school, only to lose touch and find each other a few years later… and then losing touch for a few years again, it is clear the universe wanted these two together. It wasn’t until after a friend’s chance phone call, that these two found their way back to each other, one last time, and here they are today.

Over the years, I’ve heard a lot of sweet, romantic and even elaborate proposal stories, but I think that Kelly & Craig’s story really embodies what marriage is truly about, and I found it so incredibly touching. Craig may have planned to romantically propose to Kelly on their two year anniversary, overlooking the Chesapeake Bay. But a few weeks before their anniversary, these two found themselves in the middle of a rare spat. After which, Craig got down on one knee and asked Kelly to be his wife.

Wanting to be with someone when things are happy, is easy. But when you find someone that you want to be with, during the tough times… well, you don’t let that person go. And it is clear, in seeing these two interact with each other, both at their engagement session, and on their wedding day, that they have something special. Any time my back was turned, I would turn around to see Craig gently brushing the hair from Kelly’s face, rubbing her shoulder or somehow tending to her in a way that was so natural to the two of them, that I don’t think either realized what they were doing.

Case in point: I got about half way through their engagement session, only to find that Craig had a hair tie on his wrist. My thought then was “seriously, Craig?” (This is a major photo pet peeve of mine). I always scan the wrists of girls and the guys with longer hair, but with Craig’s short do, I didn’t even think to look. As soon as I saw it, I asked him to take it off, for the rest of the session… you know, so it wouldn’t “clutter up” the images. That is something I deeply came to regret on their wedding day, as I saw Craig, donning his hair tie, and had to wonder… why? And that is when I learned that he wears it just for Kelly.

It’s like he just wants to be there for her, in every possible way.

I just can’t even with these two.

Kelly & Craig | Herrington on the Bay Wedding

The week before Kelly & Craig’s big day, I was keeping a close watch on the weather. It had seemed like it had rained every day in May and I was on pins and needles, watching the radar. Unfortunately, the sunny, outdoor, bay-breezy wedding that Craig and Kelly had hoped for was not in the cards. It rained the whole day… and not just rain, but wind and rain. All. Day. Long.

And, as disappointing as that was, Kelly & Craig certainly didn’t let it dampen their day. These two were getting married, and that was all that mattered.

herrington_on_the_bay_wedding-101bride hanger silver and gold wedding band wedding shoes silver herrington_on_the_bay_wedding-101-2 herrington_on_the_bay_wedding-169 herrington_on_the_bay_wedding-173 Brooke Durden Make-up Brooke Durden Make-up Brooke Durden Make-upherrington_on_the_bay_wedding-191
herrington_on_the_bay_wedding-193groom getting ready groom getting ready purple bow tie maryland socks maryland wedding photographer best man with rings maryland wedding photographer maryland wedding photographerI had never photographed an indoor ceremony at Herrington on the Bay, but I was super impressed at how quickly and beautifully they put it all together. DaVinci Florist made the ceremony space simply amazing.DaVinci Florist indoor ceremony herrington on the bay indoor ceremony herrington on the bay indoor ceremony herrington on the bayherrington_on_the_bay_wedding-104-1 indoor ceremony herrington on the bay indoor ceremony herrington on the bay indoor ceremony herrington on the bay indoor ceremony herrington on the bayherrington_on_the_bay_wedding-143We had all hoped that by the time the ceremony was over, we could sneak out for a few rain-free photos. Unfortunately the weather had other plans… I had even brought someone along with me to hold an umbrella for me, so that Erin & I could work in the rain, but the wind was so intense that the umbrellas were useless. I’ve photographed in the rain before, but not like this! The rain was clinging to the front of my lens, faster than I could wipe it off and every inch of my gear was soaked. If you look in the first image below, you can see the tree-tops bending from the wind. Kelly & Craig didn’t let that stop them though! I just love these two!herrington_on_the_bay_wedding-155 herrington_on_the_bay_wedding-154 herrington on the bay wedding herrington on the bay wedding rainy herrington on the bay wedding herrington on the bay wedding herrington on the bay wedding I love this moment, of Craig being so happy with Kelly!herrington_on_the_bay_wedding-148Sweet Sues Bakeshop herrington_on_the_bay_wedding-119 herrington_on_the_bay_wedding-207herrington_on_the_bay_wedding-126 purple wedding herrington on the bay Crow entertainment baltimore wedding photographer Crow entertainment Crow entertainmentCrow entertainmentCrow entertainment herrington on the bay wedding rainy day wedding Jennifer Smutek Photographysparkler exit


DJ: Crow Entertainment – Kenny
Make-up: Brooke Durden Makeup Artistry
Hair: Wendy from Brooke Durden Makeup Artistry
Venue & Catering: Herrington on the Bay
Bakery: Sweet Sues Bakeshop
Florist: DaVinci Florist
Stationary: Caitlin Creative Works
Officient: Randy Miller Weddings
Video: Seth from DC Sound
Photographer: Jennifer, Jennifer Smutek Photography
Second Photographer: Erin Shaklee
Photographer’s Assistant: Lexi Catalfo

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  1. Brea
    June 3, 2016

    Well, thanks for making me cry with their story at the top. What an amazing couple. I can see why you like them so much. They’re so sweet, and you can see how much they love each other in the photos you captured. I love how they were willing to embrace the rain and just roll with it! And it worked out so well for them, these are gorgeous! Beautiful!!

  2. Angie Arthur
    June 3, 2016

    Oh my goodness! What a stunning wedding shot of this couple. Love it!

  3. Emily
    June 3, 2016

    These are incredible! I think rainy day pics can be so beautiful.


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