Kacey & Tony | Top of the Bay Wedding

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Kacey & Tony’s Top of the Bay Wedding

Top_of_the_bay_wedding-204I first met with Kacey & Tony well over a year ago and it seems like it took forever for their wedding day to arrive! While Tony wasn’t at our initial meeting, I instantly connected with Kacey and knew I would love to work with them. Needless to say, I was thrilled when they booked with me and we had a ton of fun at their engagement session last spring! These two are so perfectly matched for each other and I just love how they compliment each other in every way. Kacey is so vibrant and charismatic and you can actually see a change in Tony’s demeanor when he talks about her or when she enters the room. His face just lights up and I know it makes my heart skip a beat! I just know that these two are going to enjoy many happy years together and I am so grateful that I was able to take part in their special day.

Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t going to let Kacey & Tony enjoy their wedding day as planned. With the crazy storm we had last weekend, their ceremony was rained out and had to be held inside. However, we did luck out with a break in the rain to do some couples’ portraits, after the ceremony! We started the day at the Wingate by Wyndham hotel in Belcamp.

Top of the Bay wedding wedding dress invitations for a wedding I just loved how personal all of Kacey’s bridal details were to her and her family. She wore her grandmother’s wedding set on her right hand, she had a special hair barrette (which we called her “wedding beret”), she wore her mother’s pearls and her veil was made from her mother’s wedding gown. How awesome is that? And her shoes! Oh, how I love her shoes. I don’t think there was any personal connection to the shoes, other than they were amazing. bridal jewelry bridal shoes This is actually Kacey’s wedding rings on top of the box her shoes came in! I LOVE the sparkles!wedding rings Both pairs of Kacey’s shoes… reception and ceremony!wedding shoes Top_of_the_bay_wedding-119 Top of the bay wedding reception Top_of_the_bay_wedding-132Top_of_the_bay_wedding-120Top_of_the_bay_wedding-137 Top_of_the_bay_wedding-142 Top_of_the_bay_wedding-145 Kacey gifted Tony these awesome cufflinks!groom cufflinks Top_of_the_bay_wedding-156 Top_of_the_bay_wedding-157Top of the bay wedding Top_of_the_bay_wedding-155Top_of_the_bay_wedding-162 fun bridal party photo Top_of_the_bay_wedding-168 Kacey & Tony had a “non first look” and it was so sweet!non-first look non-first look pick a seat not a side wedding sign Indoor wedding ceremony at Top of the Bay Indoor wedding ceremony at Top of the BayIndoor wedding ceremony at Top of the Bay Indoor wedding ceremony at Top of the Bay Indoor wedding ceremony at Top of the Bay After the ceremony, there was a break in the rain for some portraits. The ground was still pretty wet, so we kept the bridal party on the porch for a few fun photos! Also, since the ceremony started a bit late, I had exactly 25 mins to do all family portraits, bridal party and couples’ portraits. And you know what? This group ROCKED it. Mandy and Maria were an amazing help making sure everyone looked fantastic and these guys totally made it happen!Top_of_the_bay_wedding-198 Top_of_the_bay_wedding-199 wedding flowers Top_of_the_bay_wedding-204 Top_of_the_bay_wedding-206 Top_of_the_bay_wedding-207 Top_of_the_bay_wedding-209 Top_of_the_bay_wedding-213 Top_of_the_bay_wedding-214 Top_of_the_bay_wedding-217 Top_of_the_bay_wedding-218 Top_of_the_bay_wedding-219 Top_of_the_bay_wedding-220 Top_of_the_bay_wedding-222 Top_of_the_bay_wedding-224 Top_of_the_bay_wedding-225 Top_of_the_bay_wedding-228 Top_of_the_bay_wedding-234 Top_of_the_bay_wedding-235 Top_of_the_bay_wedding-244 Top_of_the_bay_wedding-253 Top_of_the_bay_wedding-258 Top_of_the_bay_wedding-260 Top_of_the_bay_wedding-262 Top_of_the_bay_wedding-263first wedding dance Top_of_the_bay_wedding-269 Top_of_the_bay_wedding-273 Top_of_the_bay_wedding-293 Top_of_the_bay_wedding-295 Top_of_the_bay_wedding-297 Top_of_the_bay_wedding-299 I guess now would be a good time to mention that Kacey is a dancer…Normally it takes me several weeks to do a complete site audit for SEO and user experience (which now go hand in hand). 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Keep working at it and keep track of your changes so you can look back and see what has helped. Top_of_the_bay_wedding-305 Top_of_the_bay_wedding-307 Tony may not be professionally trained, but he had some moves, too!Top_of_the_bay_wedding-313 Top_of_the_bay_wedding-314 Top_of_the_bay_wedding-316 Top_of_the_bay_wedding-318 Top_of_the_bay_wedding-322 Top_of_the_bay_wedding-325


Photographer: Jennifer Smutek Photography

Second Photographer: Mandy Sroka

Photographer’s Assistant: Maria Hom

Venue: Top of the Bay

Florist: Belvedere Farms

DJ: Percy Wood

Make-up: Angie D’amico

Hair: Jamie Kimbel

Hotel: Wingate by Wyndham

Bakery: Mary Herrmann

Stationary: William Barrios

First Dance Song: 18 by One Direction

Father/Daughter- Cinderella by Steven Curtis Chapman

Mother/Son-My Wish by Rascal Flatts



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  1. luis luque
    July 3, 2015

    You captured there wedding so beautiful your such a talented wedding photographer im sure they loved these images even tho they didn’t have it out side because of the weather ! great job!

  2. Megan
    July 3, 2015

    Looks like a good time for sure!

  3. Aaron
    July 3, 2015

    Had a awesome time !!! And the photos definitely captured all the fun we had :)

  4. Emily
    July 3, 2015

    I’m pretty impressed with what you did in 25 minutes! That is definitely a little tricky, especially with rain too! These are beautiful.

  5. Brea
    July 6, 2015

    Awesome!! I love that Angie and Jamie did hair and makeup! Love those girls! What a gorgeous wedding and that party looks like it was INSANE!!


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