Irvine Nature Center Wedding: Katie & Tim

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Gosh, it is hard to believe that almost two whole weeks have passed since Katie and Tim’s beautiful wedding at the Irvine Nature Center. While I didn’t meet this sweet couple until just a few months ago, I quickly fell in love with them! These two are just too sweet together. In fact, I had so much fun during their engagement session at Federal Hill this summer, that I just *knew* their wedding was going to be fantastic!

Their day started at the Hyatt Place Hotel where I met up with Katie and her girls while they were getting ready.

I was lucky enough to have Heather come along with me, as second shooter for the day, and she helped me grab these beautiful photos of Katie’s dress and Shoes. Katie handmade the star gift-tag for her groom’s gift to Tim. And that beautiful ring you see there? That is Katie’s great grandmother’s ring! Tim actually proposed to Katie with that ring. How sweet is that? (If you think that is sweet- stay tuned for more proposal amazingness…)

Not only did Katie make the gift tag, but she made, well, everything! Katie & Tim designed their whole wedding around an apple theme. Why, you ask? Oh yeah, the proposal story… go ahead and get some tissues first. Okay, are you ready?

Katie and Tim chose an apple theme based on a tradition that they have, that every year that they’ve been together they go apple picking. Then, they spend the day making apple crisp pie together (6 times so far). Tim proposed to Katie (with her great grandmother’s ring) on their apple crisp day last fall. After making an apple pie together, they put the pie in the oven and Tim asked Katie to dance. While they danced, Tim waited for their song to come up on the playlist. It was then that Tim got down on one knee and proposed. He told her that he wanted the smell of baking apples to always remind them of that moment. In the words of Katie: “what a thoughtful dude”.

Okay, now that you know the amazingly sweet back-story to the apple theme, I can tell you a bit more about all of the awesome DIY details Katie and Tim made for their wedding. Katie used a silhouette cameo die-cutting machine to make the invitations the table numbers, the seating chart, the escort cards, “find your seat” banner, the tag on Tim’s gift, the vow and wedding readings books, and the programs. Did you get all of that? Tim, who is a 3D artist, used his computer artist skills to design the apple core which was actually made from their profiles.

Here is Katie putting some of the final touches on their handmade vow booklets
JenniferSmutek.comJenniferSmutek.comHair and makeup was provided by Sweet and Sexy Bridal Glamour  and Katie and her girls looked absolutely amazing. JenniferSmutek.comJenniferSmutek.comJenniferSmutek.comJenniferSmutek.comI just love these photos of Katie’s flower girl looking out of the window

JenniferSmutek.comWhile I was with Katie and her girls, Heather snuck down to Tim’s room to get some shots of him with the guysJenniferSmutek.comTurns out, it was good this little man got some rest, because he had a full night of party ahead of him!JenniferSmutek.comAfter we left the hotel, we headed over the Irvine Nature Center, where Katie and her girls got dressedJenniferSmutek.comJenniferSmutek.comSo beautiful!JenniferSmutek.comJenniferSmutek.comRemember that beautifully wrapped gift that Katie had for Tim?.. Star Wars cufflinks! Heck yeah!JenniferSmutek.comI just loved the flowers, which were beautifully made by Violet’s Florist. In Katie’s bouquet, they placed a locket that held a picture of Katie and her mom. So, so sweet.

JenniferSmutek.comJenniferSmutek.comJenniferSmutek.comOnce Katie had on her veil, it was time to head to the ceremony. Katie and Tim had wanted to get married at a gazebo that is placed at the end of a footpath at Irvine Nature Center. Unfortunately, the rain didn’t hold out so Katie and Tim decided to move their ceremony indoors. Luckily, Briana and Crystal from Nouvelle Weddings and Events  were there to make sure the last minute change (along with everything else) went smoothly.

Here are a few shots of the beautiful, handmade vows, readings and wedding programs. Can you see Katie and Tim’s profiles in the apple core?

JenniferSmutek.comJenniferSmutek.comJenniferSmutek.comJenniferSmutek.comJenniferSmutek.comJenniferSmutek.comJenniferSmutek.comAfter the ceremony, the rain was still coming down pretty hard, so we decided to do all of the bridal party photos against this amazing mural at Irvine Nature Center. A little rain wasn’t going to damper this group. This bridal party rocked it with Katie and Tim’s handmade “just married” letters. LOVE it!
JenniferSmutek.comWhat an awesomely fun group!JenniferSmutek.comAfter we were finished with family and bridal party photos, I managed to get Katie and Tim alone for a few sweet momentsJenniferSmutek.comJenniferSmutek.comAt Irvine Nature Center, you feel like you are outside even when you are inside. This mural made a fantastic backdrop for Katie and Tim and really tied in with the rest of their DIY detailsJenniferSmutek.comJenniferSmutek.comAfter cocktail hour was over, we snuck over to the gift shop for a few fun shotsJenniferSmutek.comThen, it was time to party!!! As guests were escorted from the ceremony to the reception tent, they passed several tables with beautiful, handmade details. I just LOVED their seating cards. They used handmade, silhouette cut cards with their guests’ name and table number and placed them on applesJenniferSmutek.comJenniferSmutek.comOf course, Katie and Tim even had their guests get involved with the DIY details, by having them RSVP with a drawing of what they thought Katie and Tim would look like on their wedding day. Seriously, how cute is that? On the gift table, they displayed the custom guest book that I made for them along with several of the images from their engagement session.JenniferSmutek.comFor the favors, Katie designed, printed, and cut each of the tags for the “Apple Crisp Crumble Mix” and, along with Tim, and Tim’s mom and sisters, they assembled and packaged them all for their guests.JenniferSmutek.comWhen I first met with Katie and Tim, and they were telling me a bit about their wedding, one thing that they kept coming back to was how excited they were to have Blacksauce Kitchen catering their wedding! And now I totally understand why… the food was AMAZING.JenniferSmutek.comKatie and Tim had one of the sweetest first dances, well, ever.JenniferSmutek.comJenniferSmutek.comThen it was time for parent dances. The mother/son dance gets me every time!JenniferSmutek.comThis adorable cake was made by Iced Gems, who also provided cupcakes for their guests!JenniferSmutek.comJenniferSmutek.comKatie and Tim decided to have The Bumper Jacksons provide music for their reception. With Trad Jazz, Ragtime and Pre-War Country, these guys kept the dance floor going!

JenniferSmutek.comNow, what is more awesome than having a totally unique band play at your wedding? Well, how about if the groom decides to do a little number with the band, and sing a song to his new bride??? Yes, that up’s the awesome. But, can Tim pull it off???JenniferSmutek.comYES! He most certainly can!
JenniferSmutek.comJenniferSmutek.comJenniferSmutek.comJenniferSmutek.comAfter Katie dried her eyes from Tim’s surprise performance, it was time for some very sweet and very touching One little ring bearer even wanted to say a few words!
JenniferSmutek.comJenniferSmutek.comLooks like someone enjoyed all of the rain!JenniferSmutek.comAfter toasts, it was time for more music and dancing!

Katie and Tim, thank you so much for having Heather, and me come and document your special day. It truly was fantastic and I wish you both all the best!

Venue– Irvine Nature Center
Caterer– Blacksauce Kitchen
Florist– Violet’s Florist 
Planner– Nouvelle Weddings and Events 
Cake/Cupcakes– Iced Gems 
Band– The Bumper Jacksons
DJ– Valaree Dickerson
Hair/Makeup– Sweet and Sexy Bridal Glamour 

 And to Heather and Heather- thank you for all of your super hard work! I was so glad to have you both!


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  1. Brea
    October 4, 2013

    I love this post! Their proposal story is so sweet, she’s so amazingly creative, and I am so impressed by how blissfully happy and positive they stayed despite the crazy downpour that day! Honestly, if I didn’t know what else the irvine nature center had to offer I don’t think it would matter that everything happened inside. It looks beautiful! I LOVE all of their special touches, and the emotional shots you got. You rocked this for them :)

  2. jennifer
    October 4, 2013

    Thanks Brea! These two really are just the sweetest… never a sad face all day. Katie and Tim totally rolled with the punches and they had a smashingly fantastic day! This wedding really was SO much fun and incredibly sweet. Heather has been shooting weddings for over 15 years and she said she actually teared up a bit during the ceremony! And you’re right, while an outside ceremony at Irvine Nature Center would have been awesome, it was absolutely wonderful inside. I love the way they turned out!

  3. Dani
    October 4, 2013

    These are all so beautiful!!! I love their story. They look so in love and happy and I am so glad they didn’t let the rain ruin their beautiful day!!

  4. Natalie Franke
    October 4, 2013

    This wedding is absolutely beautiful! So emotion filled and gorgeously captured! Great work!

  5. stacy
    October 4, 2013

    Beautiful wedding! Loved reading about them. Gorgeous images.

  6. Lauren C
    October 4, 2013

    I love their apple core programs….they’re adorable. Way to roll with Mother Nature and still give them such amazing photos!

  7. ashley barnett
    October 4, 2013

    Love this venue! And I love the groom’s attire – and their joy even if the weather didn’t cooperate – they still had so much fun!

  8. Kathy
    October 4, 2013

    Holy lots of pictures, batman! :) Lovely wedding. I love the “just married” shot with the full bridal party. Too cute!

  9. joanne mccoy
    October 4, 2013

    Some couples seem into having weddings. Others just seem to be into getting married. This lovely couple seems to have it all. By putting their love and commitment first, all the other beautiful and oh-so-personally-delightful details fell right into place. The proposal, the rings, the gifts, the attire, the decor…and the FLOWERS! Love, love, LOVE. P.S. I always think when a couple is able to go with the flow on their wedding day (as in coping with the rain) it bodes really well for the marriage– every happiness to you, Tim & Katie– may you live happily ever after. (And the photos are just gorgeous!)

  10. Alison Harper
    October 4, 2013

    What a sweet couple! I just love all of her getting ready photos! Great shooting Jennifer!

  11. jennifer
    October 7, 2013

    Thanks everyone! Joanne, I totally agree- how you roll with the punches on your wedding day says a lot about how you will roll through life. These two didn’t miss a beat… the rain didn’t matter and it shows. I know these two will have nothing but happiness.

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