Elkridge Furnace Inn Wedding | Amy & Rafi

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So, I am *finally* starting to catch up on blogging some of the second shooting work I’ve been doing this past year. Brea has had me out with almost all of her weddings with a second shooter this past year and I’ve had so much fun working with her and her clients! It was hard to choose which wedding to blog first, in this round of backblogging, but I couldn’t think of a more fun wedding than Amy & Rafi’s Elkridge Furnace Inn Wedding this past summer. What made this wedding so awesome, you ask? Well, for starters, Amy and Rafi (and all of their family and friends) we so sweet and fun to work with. These two are so in love and it just shows! The added bonus to this wedding was that the *entire* wedding menu was… wait for it… VEGAN!!!!! Hello, awesome! I’ve been vegan for about a decade now and this is only the second all vegan wedding I’ve had the pleasure of photographing. The food was amazing (which is not surprising) and they even had vegan ice cream and cookies. Amy and Rafi were so sweet to insist that we tried all of the treats, and try I did. My waist line may have grown a wee bit this June, but it was SO worth it. So, this wedding had a sweet couple, awesome family and amazing food at a beautiful venue. It was a win all around.

While Brea was with the girls, getting ready, I started with some scenic shots of the Elkridge Furnace Inn and then headed upstairs with Rafi

Jennifer Smutek Photography_0458Jennifer Smutek Photography_0459Jennifer Smutek Photography_0460

Jennifer Smutek Photography_0439

While Brea was with the girls, I hung with Rafi and his guys

Jennifer Smutek Photography_0473

I always love it when couples exchange gifts on their wedding day

Jennifer Smutek Photography_0442Jennifer Smutek Photography_0443

Then, it was time for the first look and Amy and Rafi could not have had a sweeter first few moments together

Jennifer Smutek Photography_0440Jennifer Smutek Photography_0441Jennifer Smutek Photography_0444Jennifer Smutek Photography_0445

Their ceremony  and all of the details were just beautiful.

Jennifer Smutek Photography_0461Jennifer Smutek Photography_0462Jennifer Smutek Photography_0474

Jennifer Smutek Photography_0463Jennifer Smutek Photography_0464Jennifer Smutek Photography_0465Jennifer Smutek Photography_0466Jennifer Smutek Photography_0467

Jennifer Smutek Photography_0469

Rafi and Amy’s friends and family built the huppah with imported wood from their hometown. Read: They flew this wood from the west coast to Baltimore just for Amy & Rafi. How awesome is that?

Jennifer Smutek Photography_0470Jennifer Smutek Photography_0471

Jennifer Smutek Photography_0489Jennifer Smutek Photography_0468Jennifer Smutek Photography_0472

Jennifer Smutek Photography_0446Jennifer Smutek Photography_0447Jennifer Smutek Photography_0448Jennifer Smutek Photography_0449

Jennifer Smutek Photography_0450Jennifer Smutek Photography_0451Jennifer Smutek Photography_0452Jennifer Smutek Photography_0453

Jennifer Smutek Photography_0454Jennifer Smutek Photography_0455Jennifer Smutek Photography_0456

Ah, I just love these two!!

Jennifer Smutek Photography_0457

All of Amy and Rafi’s details were perfect. I love their favors! MMMMM, popcorn.

Jennifer Smutek Photography_0475Jennifer Smutek Photography_0476Jennifer Smutek Photography_0478

Jennifer Smutek Photography_0479

Jennifer Smutek Photography_0480

Jennifer Smutek Photography_0486Jennifer Smutek Photography_0481Jennifer Smutek Photography_0482Jennifer Smutek Photography_0483

Jennifer Smutek Photography_0485Jennifer Smutek Photography_0487Jennifer Smutek Photography_0488

I’m so glad that Brea asked me to come along for this awesome wedding. Amy and Rafi, I hope you are loving married life!

Venue: Elkridge Furnace Inn
Coordinator: Steve Warrick with EFI
Photographer: Breanna Shaw, Photography by Brea
Second Photographer: Jennifer Smutek
DJ: Aditya Desai
Officiant: Rabbi Scott Perlo
Dress: I Do I Do Wedding Gowns
Hair and Makeup: Wedlocks, LLC
Florist: Whole Foods
Invitations: Wedding Paper Divas
Programs: Anne Elder

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  1. Brea
    October 3, 2014

    i am a major fail, I had no idea the wood for the huppah came from the west coast! This was such an awesome wedding and I’m so happy you were there with me!

  2. Emily
    October 3, 2014

    I love being able to see the day from your perspective! These are awesome images – you captured so many perfect moments!

  3. Dani
    October 3, 2014

    Yay for catching up!! I love these images! And I’m definitely with Em, it’s so fun to see two sides to the day!! Awesome work!!


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