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So, as promised, in keeping with my New Year’s resolution I am posting to my blog more frequently. (Updates on recycling are coming soon).

Last night, The Baltimore AMP held another event, this time… a fundraiser. Last night was the second annual Dundalk Appella show, featuring A Cappella artists from several different genres of A Cappella music. For more information on Dundalk Appellea click here.

Now, I missed last year’s show due to prior commitments, so I had no idea what I was in store for this year. To be quite honest, I really didn’t think I was going to enjoy an A Cappella concert very much. Please note, I stand corrected.

I had no idea that there were so many different genres of A Cappella music and that there are so many people still performing the art today… right in our own back yard no less!

The show started off with four very beautiful and super talented young ladies in the group Notified.

After Notified got the crowd into the A Cappella grove, the Patapsco High School Vocal Jazz and Chamber Choir hit the stage with some classic Christmas tunes to get us in gear for the holidays.

I snuck back stage for this one and grabbed this shot behind the spot light…

Next up was Smooth Teaze, a group that simply just blew me away. These guys are super talented and if you ever have a chance to check them out, I would highly recommend it.

I had a chance to chat with some of these talented fellows after the show. I could not believe that they have only been performing together for two years! These guys sounded like they had been together for decades. I also found out that they are available for parties, weddings and all sorts of events. More information on Smooth Teaze can be found here.

Up next was Stardust Memories featuring one of Baltimore AMP’s own, Kathy Seay, and three of her best lady friends. Their act included several costume changes, old radio jingles and a delightful version of ‘Santa Baby’. These are some sassy ladies, let me tell you…

Everyone enjoyed their performance…

After enjoying some of the more traditional A Cappella music, the audience was in for something different. Snow Day, a group from neighboring DC, hit the stage with some contemporary A Cappella that included beat boxing and Austrian techno. You do not need to re-read that sentence, I said ‘A Cappella Austrian techno’. This is definitely a very talented group of artists. More information on Snow Day can be found here.

Closing the show was the Ringers, a more traditional barber shop quartet. Four guys with some super smooth voices.

After the show everyone mingled for a bit before braving the snow to head back home…

The event went off well. Many different people in the community came out to enjoy the show and we all learned a lot about the art and history of A Cappella music. It was a fun night and I am looking forward to Dundalk Appella three next year…

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