Baltimore AMP: Dance Party and Music and the Brain…

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So this weekend was jam-packed with Baltimore AMP events. If you want to find out more about the Baltimore Art and Music Project click here. First, on friday, we threw our first ever electronic dance party. Since it was our first one, the place wasn’t exactly packed, but we still had a good turn-out and […]

A Day with Lexi and Sophia

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So this weekend I had the pleasure of spending the morning with three of my favorite cousins. My cousin Greg invited me out to his mother’s house in Glen Rock, PA to spend the morning with him and his two beautiful daughters, Alexis and Sophia. Now let me just say, these two girls are amazing. […]

the maiden voyage was “Barr” none…

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A few years ago, after us kids had left the nest, my father sold his boat and bought a Harley. I can’t say that either my sister or I were thrilled with the idea of my father returning to the riding world, but it had been over 20 years since he had owned a bike […]

busy summer so far….

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  So far, this summer has been pretty busy. Two weeks ago I went to Baltimore’s Pride parade. I saw a lot of pride, and a lot of well, you can imagine… The same week, my grandmother turned 91. My sister had myself, my grandmother and my mother over for lunch.  at 91, grandma is […]