Carol and Joe’s WPOC $25k Wedding!!!!

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Some of you may remember a few months back when two of my clients asked to use a photo from our engagement session to enter local country radio stations, WPOC‘s, win a $25,000 wedding. Well… they won!!!!  Now while I would like to think that they won the wedding based solely on my photography alone, I have a feeling that the overwhelming support of all of their friends may have played a small role. To say that Carol and Joe are an awesome couple with some fantastic people in their lives is an understatement.

I was lucky enough to have the honor of sharing Carol and Joe’s big day with them. It is funny really, Carol and I went to middle school together and we haven’t seen each other in a solid 15 years or so. We reconnected on Facebook right around the time they got engaged and I ended up photographing their wedding. Who would’ve thought that 15 years ago?

Anyway, without further ado…

Carol and Joe were married September 11th at Maria’s Love Point in Stevensville, MD. Here is Carol getting ready…

A few details…

Carol and Joe’s theme was “A Perfect Pair” …

Pastor Giovanelli performed the ceremony…

Gotta love a minister that steps to the side for the first kiss…

go ahead Joe…

Then we had some fun with the bridal party…

I think that, over the years, footwear has become just as important as the dresses!

Ever since having a son of my own, moments like these sure do tug on the heartstrings!

Carol is so creative. Instead of a guest book, she had everyone leave their fingerprint on this ‘family tree’…

The reception was held at Michael’s 8th Avenue and they did a fantastic job at making Carol and Joe’s reception a blast.

Here go the heartstrings again…

Carol and Joe- Thank you so much for inviting me to share your big day with you! Nick and I had a blast, and I am so happy that I got to see you tie the knot!!!!

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  1. Piage
    September 25, 2010

    Jennifer, these pics are wonderful! I was also in attendance at the wedding and these pics truly capture the love, joy and celebratory mood of the entire day! Great Job!

  2. Kathy
    September 25, 2010

    Awesome pics

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