Mini Road Trip: Long Neck, Delaware

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Jimmy and I decided to take this past weekend off so that we could visit his mother in Long Neck, DE. Can you say ‘mini road trip’? We packed up the dogs (and my camera) and headed out saturday morning.  It was snowing in Maryland, but the snow cleared up by the time we hit […]

Baltimore’s Waters…

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As many of you know, much of my childhood was spent on a boat floating around the Chesapeake Bay with my family. We spent countless hours fishing, crabbing and joy riding throughout the Patapsco and Wye Rivers as well as Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. Recently, my father purchased another boat and, after many years, we have […]

Horsing Around…

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Being a city girl, I don’t get to spend much… err… any time with horses. So, imagine my delight when my awesome assistant, Mike, and I went on a trip outside the city and we ran into these horses off the side of the road. They were super friendly, and even though we didn’t have […]

A Fine Day in Dundalk…

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Dundalk certainly does get a bad rap around these parts. It seems that no matter where I go, people have a negative impression of Dundalk. Sometimes, I am even embarrassed to admit that I moved back to Dundalk. I often find myself telling people that “we bought a house just outside the city” in order […]

Child’s Play

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  Its funny, it seems that for as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to be a photographer. I can even remember my first ‘photo studio’. I was about eight or nine, and I had set up a studio, complete with a light, backdrop and props, in my parents dining room. I even bribed […]