the maiden voyage was “Barr” none…

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A few years ago, after us kids had left the nest, my father sold his boat and bought a Harley. I can’t say that either my sister or I were thrilled with the idea of my father returning to the riding world, but it had been over 20 years since he had owned a bike […]

busy summer so far….

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  So far, this summer has been pretty busy. Two weeks ago I went to Baltimore’s Pride parade. I saw a lot of pride, and a lot of well, you can imagine… The same week, my grandmother turned 91. My sister had myself, my grandmother and my mother over for lunch.  at 91, grandma is […]

Shooting happy hazardly…

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Well, the website is finally up and I thought that I’d step away from the portraits for a minute and put up some of my favorite toy camera photography shots. I took these few at the Sowebo festival in 2007. No aperture or shutter settings, just shooting into the wind… enjoy.