Child’s Play

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  Its funny, it seems that for as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to be a photographer. I can even remember my first ‘photo studio’. I was about eight or nine, and I had set up a studio, complete with a light, backdrop and props, in my parents dining room. I even bribed […]

Beauty In Baltimore’s Winter…

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I think that I may have mentioned in previous blog posts that I am not a big fan of winter… or the cold. I tend to prefer spring and summer, even fall. But winter? Nah. No thanks. While I still prefer the warmer seasons, this photo blog has gotten me out and about this winter […]

A Cold Day In Delaware…

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  This image was taken with my favorite toy camera at a wildlife reserve in Delaware. It was December and a bit cold out that day, so needless to say, there was not much for foliage or wildlife. The trees were bare and the birds were gone, all that survived the cold were the grasses… […]

Where You Least Expect It…

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Keeping this photo-blog has been beneficial to me in many ways. When I decided to use this blog to showcase images I take when not working with clients, I was unaware of how much of a commitment I had made. As many of you know, I don’t have much for spare time. Having to schedule time to take […]

Neighborhood Gone…

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Recently, a long-standing neighborhood near my house was demolished in its entirety. Having spent countless hours in the neighborhood and knowing many of the families that had once called it home,  I felt the need to document the process. Over several weeks, I took various photos in the series, but it is this image that really struck […]