Blizzard 2010

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Well, here we are, the start of 2010, and I am spending the weekend blissfully trapped in my house. The great blizzard of 2010 has descended on Baltimore, and while the average snow fall is about 2′, with the wind, we have about 5′ of snow in our back yard!

Here is my husband conquering the snow mountain in our backyard…


Now as many of you know, I am not a big fan of winter or the cold. Snow is certainly not on my list of favorites! I did, however, venture out to the front yard yesterday to get a peak of just how much snow is surrounding our house. There is so much snow, that I wasn’t even able to leave my front walk!

Getting out of the door was a feat in itself. Mr. Nelson, our big fat cat, didn’t even want to venture outside.


I did manage to make my way outside (for all of about 15 minutes) – Goodness, snow is cold, wet and quite unpleasant! I did manage to grab these few quick shots before my toes froze and I retreated inside for warmth.




This is my ornery dog, Nyles. Usually, he can not be trusted off lead, but well, where would he go? So, we left him off to run in the snow for a few minutes. We were worried we might loose him!


I am safely back inside where I belong. I guess I’ll be spending the rest of the day, and possibly the better part of the week, editing photos!

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