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I am excited to announce, that today starts my first day as a full-time, self-employed, wedding and portrait photographer! In celebration of this momentous occasion, I would like to tell you the somewhat cheesy story of how seeing a magnet in a coffee shop made it all happen!

5 years ago, I was stuck in a job that well, quite frankly, I hated. I had been assisting other photographers with weddings on weekends for years, but I still punched the clock at a very demanding ‘day job’ throughout the week and almost every weekend day that I wasn’t lucky enough to be shooting. I worked insane hours doing something that I didn’t like, and well, I just wasn’t very happy. For years, my husband and my sister had been encouraging me to do what I really wanted to do… start my own photography business. Filled with no shortage of self-doubt, I had always dismissed their encouragement until one day, I stopped in a coffee shop for a cup of coffee. (Coffee shops seem to be a great place for me and life changing experiences, as well, I also met my husband in a coffee shop. But, that is a story for another day!)

Anyway, while waiting for my order, I looked over and saw a magnet on the coffee shop’s pastry case that read:

“What would you do if you knew you could not fail?”

The very first thought that went through my head?.. Open my own photography business! It was at this moment, that I realized the only thing keeping me from doing what I really wanted, and in turn, in a job that I hated, was me and my self-doubt. That week, the hubs and I wrote a business plan, crunched some numbers and stepped out on faith. Within the month, I had quit my crazy, high demand job and took a smaller ‘day job’ with more stable hours to carry me over while I built my business. For 5 long years, my husband cheered along side me while I worked during the day and then over the nights while I built my business from scratch.

Well folks, all of that hard work and those long nights have paid off. I am pleased to announce that his past Friday, was my last day at my “day job”! My only job?.. full-time wedding photographer and owner at Jennifer Smutek Photography LLC!

I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoy what I do. It is such an honor- being invited into some of the most intimate moments of people’s lives, documenting the tense minutes before a bride walks down the isle and providing families with photographs they can treasure for generations.

I am so grateful for all of the people who encouraged me to do what I really want to do! My dad, for buying me my first camera, my husband and my sister, for their constant encouragement, Howard and Michele for taking the time to teach me the craft, David and Kathy, for giving me the “day job” and for all of my awesome clients, who make going to work everyday something that I genuinely enjoy. Thank you!

Now, I better get to work!

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