Baltimore’s Waters…

Posted on Jan 24, 2009 in Around Town, Art?, Toying Around | No Comments

As many of you know, much of my childhood was spent on a boat floating around the Chesapeake Bay with my family. We spent countless hours fishing, crabbing and joy riding throughout the Patapsco and Wye Rivers as well as Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. Recently, my father purchased another boat and, after many years, we have returned to those very same waters.

On one of our last excursions…(about a mile or two from the harbor) we happened upon this quite large and very interesting sail boat. We see a lot of sail boats out and about near the harbor, but this one stood out from the rest. Not surprisingly, I had my favorite toy camera with me and snapped these two shots. I find them particularly interesting because they make me think of what the harbor was like long before Starbucks and Power Plant Live. Baltimore has such an fascinating history that is often forgotten while we go about our daily lives.



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