Ashley & Jessi | Home Engagement Session

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Ashley & Jessi | Home Engagement Session

I was pretty excited when Ashley & Jessi first reached out to me about photographing their wedding next fall. They had some fun ideas for their wedding and I knew right away I was going to enjoy working with them. Then, when they mentioned having a home engagement session, I was totally down! Jessi & Ashley decided to have their session at their family home, and make a delicious meal using a pot that has been passed down a few generations.

After they made dinner, we went around the property where Ashley & Jessi did some of their favorite things- just hanging out, reading to each other, and laughing- lots and lots of laughing. I’ll admit though, I kept eyeing up the neighbor’s yard- there was a hill and some color that was just calling to me. But they explained that their family hadn’t owned the house so long, and that they didn’t really know the neighbor yet.

What happened next, you ask? Well, I’ll tell you… their new neighbor saw us taking photos and offered to let us use his yard for parts of the session- Go random neighbor guy! And so we have Ashley & Jessi’s home engagement session (and kind of next door engagement session)

It’s kind of bummer that I have to wait a whole year to work with these two ladies again- but I have a feeling it will be worth the wait. Congratulations, Ashley & Jessi!

Home Engagement Session Home Engagement Session

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