Ali & Isaac | Barn at Grimmel Farms Wedding

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Ali & Isaac’s Barn at Grimmel Farms wedding was nothing short of perfect. It wasn’t perfect because of the weather (it was cold and rainy) or because things went just as planned (does that ever happen?) but because it seemed that Ali and Isaac didn’t really seem to care about much of anything besides becoming husband and wife in front of the people they love most.

Ali & Isaac | Barn at Grimmel Farms Wedding

My favorite part of their day, and what seems to sum up these two so perfectly, was when it was clearly not going to stop raining (or maybe snowing) for the first look. After Brea went to scout out a covered spot with Isaac, she came to me and said “well, I found this covered hay barn- Isaac actually seems pretty excited about it; he really likes the way it smells”.

Now, most couples I think would be pretty bummed about not having their first look along the beautiful field, lined with trees at peak autumn color. Or along the evergreens that flanked the barn. And really, could you blame them? Most couples book their venues for the scenic views, and they imagine having those scenes in their wedding photos. So I go to Ali and say “so, we found this covered hay barn…” and, her face lit up and she exclaimed “Oh yay! Isaac is going to love that!!!!”

And that folks- that is what love is. It’s not picture perfect scenes and wedding days without hitches. It’s not Pinterest boards or perfectly curated details. Love is knowing that the love of your life is going to be excited about something, and so that is what then becomes “perfect”. If we could all find someone who becomes happiest, when seeing us happy, the world would be a much better place.

Ali and Isaac have definitely found their person in each other. Seeing them together- from their gentle touches and tender glances- well, you can just tell that when they are together, they are home. Everyone should be so lucky.

Congratulations, Ali & Isaac- may the rest of your lives be one surprising covered hay barn after another.

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Venue: Barn at Grimmel Farms
Florist: Perry Hall Florist
Bakery: Woodlea Bakery
DJ: Dean Cantemiry
Caterer: Simply Elegant
Hair: Nicki and Angie from Hair by Elite
Make-up: Sophia Alexander
Photography: Jennifer, Jennifer Smutek Photography
Second Photographer: Breanna Shaw
Photography Assistant: Maria Einsig

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