A Fine Day in Dundalk…

Posted on Jan 18, 2009 in Art?, Nature, Toying Around | No Comments

Dundalk certainly does get a bad rap around these parts. It seems that no matter where I go, people have a negative impression of Dundalk. Sometimes, I am even embarrassed to admit that I moved back to Dundalk. I often find myself telling people that “we bought a house just outside the city” in order to avoid revealing our actual location. But, as someone who has lived in several communities throughout the Baltimore area, I can honestly say that none have had the charm that Dundalk has.

It is not just the old, charming houses, the main street or the accessibility to everything one would need. Dundalk also has some great parks and believe it or not, some neat things to do.

Every now and again I will take one of the dogs to the local quarry for nice little walk… a change of pace from our usual neighborhood route. Not long ago, I took Chloe to the quarry and I decided to bring the holga along. I snapped these two shots not long after sunrise. Whoever said that there is no beauty in Dundalk obviously never looked…




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