A Day with Lexi and Sophia

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So this weekend I had the pleasure of spending the morning with three of my favorite cousins. My cousin Greg invited me out to his mother’s house in Glen Rock, PA to spend the morning with him and his two beautiful daughters, Alexis and Sophia.

Now let me just say, these two girls are amazing. They are two of the warmest, most lovable children I have ever met. I feel quite blessed to have them in my family. I can only hope that Jimmy and I have children as great as these two!


As you will see in these photos, these girls are about as close as sisters can get. They are about the same age difference as my sister Michelle and I. Knowing how close my sister and I are, I take great pleasure watching these two interact as I imagine all of the wonderful experiences they will have together as sisters.

It was a bit chili that day, and after playing outside for a bit, we went inside and I grabbed these great shots with some natural window light.

I honestly think this one is my favorite. I love the expression on her face… she looks so innocent!..

I always have such a great time with the girls… and my awesome cousin Greg.

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