5 Day Black & White Photo Challenge | Day 5

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Well, here we are… day 5! Phew, it’s been so much fun going through some of my images and choosing which ones to share! I want to thank George from Grace & Elegance Photography, again, for nominating me in this challenge!

Day 5: This image was taken several years ago, on our way home from a family trip in Delaware. It was fairly late at night and while my husband was driving, I was dragging the shutter in my camera to grab some neat images of the streetlights and tail lights. Of course, our Jeep was bouncing around a great bit which, in my opinion, really added to the effect.

P is for Photography

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Okay, so who is up for a challenge of their own???? And don’t forget to check out the hastag #5daybwchallenge!

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